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  1. TamingMaster

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  1. familyfarm1
    You said it all! :)
  2. Book Em Danno25
  3. TamingMaster
    Thanks everyone!
  4. ChickyChickens
    Love the pics! You guys have some nice chickens!!!!
    Good article!!!
  5. Silver Bantam
    Awesome! You did a good job, very well written out :)
  6. MsPoultry
  7. TamingMaster
  8. MyPetNugget
    Fantastic article!! Great pics from both of you!! :)
  9. LittleBrownie
    Good article :D
  10. TamingMaster
    And thanks for the pictures!
  11. Mountain Peeps
    GREAT article Shannon!!:)

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