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By emptynester · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. emptynester
    Hello! I"m excited that you wanted to learn a little more about me and my chickens! I LOVE this hobby ( borderline obsession)! I had originally started a blog here, but found that I spent so much time reading all the post on the community forum that I would forget to add to my blog. So, I put my chicken blog here:
    http://cochincoopnews.blogspot.com/ -where I would remember to find it!
    Don't let the url fool you- there is more there than cochins, although they are my favorite along with my Mille fleur D'uccles, and others that have unknown parentage (o.0) After all there are blue ones, buff ones, splash ones, black ones, golden laced, silver laced....
    We spend a great deal of our time outdoors on the boat, walking the beaches, gardening, playing with our Great Danes and hanging out with the wonderful family God blessed us with. So Y'all come on over, prop your feet up and we can share stories until the chickens go to roost.
    I hope you decide to visit and check out the latest happenings, comment on the stories and pictures and even add your own insights and advise if you get a chance! As you well know, there is always something going on in the Coop daily.

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