I am new to the forum but have been looking at BYC for about 6 months now. I have seen the different coops and runs and got some great ideas for mine. I then took a little of my own thoughts and put them together and I ended up with a 10x10 run with a 4x8 coop that is 2 feet above the ground. My coop also has run space under it so I have a total of 132 sqft of run space. My chickens are still young and have not started laying yet but I expect it won't be long. Maybe in the next month or so. My wife and I have 8 chickens 2 of which are roosters. The purpose is to have eggs and later on get the meat out of them.

Well I am into my chickens for about 7 months now and they are a pleasure to have. I have gotten a few and lost a few. My count is now at 29 with 12 of these being roosters. I know, I know. What on earth do I need with all of those roosters? I LIKE THEM. Yes they are very loud but each one that is crowing has his own sound. i guess when I get to that point I will have to build myself a rooster retirement home and start a " Save the Roosters" campaign and show the world the beauty of the rooster. I don't know maybe I am just dreaming.