Hey, I'm equinehugger3, but everyone calls me EH3, Equine, and sometimes Equis.

A little about me?

I'm a farmgirl at heart, but you can guess where I'm stuck; smack-dab in the middle of the city. But, you can bet that doesn't keep me from having a shed-coop and 6 little hens, or being a die-hard equestrian enthusiast. Riding Western for 6 years, and I just started English, Hunter/Jumper to be exact.

I'm a fitness nut; cross-country runner, Tae Kwon Do white-soon-to-be-orange-belt-on-New-Year's-Ever (^3^), eating healthily... When I can resist the pull. It's a challenge, but getting and staying healthy is worth every time I sweat, bleed, or cry.

I love being artistic! Drawing is one of my favorite pastimes and rainy day activities. My favorite subjects are horses - sadly the only thing I don't totally fail at - and my favorite mediums are graphite, with a tortillion and kneaded eraser - and my Prismacolors! ^3^