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  1. Erin~TheChickenLover
    As My World Revolves Around My Chickens...
    ~I have 17 chickens and some more on the way. All of the grown ones have names: Leroy, Pixie, Tux, May, June, Fancy,Sweet Pea, Bailey, Goldy Locks,Tango, and Easter.Some of the breeds we have are a gray sizzle, easter eggers, a black australorp, a mottled bantam cochin, a rhode island red, a barred rock, and red stars.~

    [FONT=comic sans ms, sans-serif]These are Tux and Pixie's babies as of 5-22-12. They are half gray sizzle and half mottled bantam cochin.[/FONT]
    This is one of Tux and Pixie's babies. I think it's a lavender or blue cochin.
    This is Tux, my mottled bantam cochin rooster.
    "Mom, let us in!"
    This is Pixie, my funny sizzle hen, broody for the first time.
    This is my bantam house
    My main coop is about 6 ft by 12 ft and the main pen is 20 ft by 30 ft.

    I Hope You Enjoyed My Page!

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