My name is Erin and I'm a stay at home mommy to 2 little ones and wife to a wonderful husband. We moved to a farm in Iowa last year and are having fun living country life. I've lived in the country most of my life and can't imagine being anywhere else. This year we decided to get some chickens for eggs and meat. We got our first 25 brown egg layers in March. We converted an old cattle shed/milking parlor into the chicken house and have a large run for them to range. They started laying in July and we are enjoying fresh eggs every day! In May we got 50 Cornish Rock X. Hubby built 2 tractors to house them in our backyard and it worked great. We butchered them at 8 weeks and now have a freezer full! We learned a lot from our mistakes and hope to get more next year as well as some turkeys and ducks. We'd also love to add a few pigs to our little herd but are doing one thing at a time, learning as we go.