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By Erock1234 · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. Erock1234
    OK I'm really new to all this but I am having a ball learning. I have 11 chickens and prolly have a few roosters but all is peaceful so far. I am having someone more expieranced than I to come and check out my chicks to see what I have. I just recently built my 3rd coop, the first was a flop, the second was ok but this last one i do believe will work :) I'll post more later as time progresses, hope you all have a great whatever it is wherever you are =)

    Ok well I skinned out all my roosters but one and got a few more hens 10 hens, 4 rabbits, and a rooster now. so far my best is 5 eggs but I have a feeling that will change. I am thinking about attempting to make an incubator and trying to hatch a few so upward and onward as the adventure advances!!

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