Alright so i guess ive been here long enough that i can start writing on my page..
i am a city girl who has alwaysed loved animal turned country girl (some might call it posser) lol i always lived in idaho.
minus two year in californa but quickly moved back to northern Idaho where i think ill stay :)
i have many pets never thought id have more then one although dreamed id have a whole petting zoo. i love my pets in my arsonal i have
Dog, Cats, Hamstars, Chicken, goats, pigs, Turkeys, Ducks, and Fish, with some snales and shrimp.
and some day rabbits
now i mostly have barred rocks and RIR but i would like to have some Necked necks, silkies and some somotras
a really would like some penciled rocks GORGOUS!!!!
turkeys i would like to get some royal palms, burban reds and blue slates.
and for last but not least my fav animal the DUCK!!!
i would like to get at least one mascovie, some cayagas and WAY MORE SWEEDISH!!!
im looking into breeding my girls just need to find that one drake that looks great for them!!
and love every single one of them..
im a very fun person to be around..
im a mother of 3 kids and married to a wonderful man who is a great big pain in my pants but i accept him and love him dearly..
any other qestions.. ask im not shy :) :)