Everybody's Cluck Inn Coop

New Northwest coop ready just in time for the wet weather. This is all based on plans from HGTV and modified to my liking. at...
By Hansonjd · Oct 24, 2019 · ·
  1. Hansonjd
    Started things off by placing 4x4 posts for the 10X6ft. footprint, since I don't have a level spot to place coop IMG_20190802_153055799_HDR.jpg Birds helping with leveling IMG_20190805_090028063_HDR.jpg Once leveled using boards that will become part of the frame, I cut off the posts so I'd have a level base to place framing on IMG_20190808_162930649_HDR.jpg Front and back frames. Cut notches keep things nice and flat for eventual 1/2" HW cloth and siding application. IMG_20190814_160705302.jpg Frame and roof rafters up IMG_20190822_063634134.jpg I used Ondura roofing, which is fairly easy to cut and work with. Used nails specifically for this roofing. Would have preferred screws, but they weren't available at my HW store. I found you can add the rubber washer to 2" screw and things go together much more nicely; that was on the nesting box roof that i realized that though. IMG_20190828_134205484_HDR.jpg Framing in the window and coop IMG_20190828_151700648_HDR.jpg 1/2" HW cloth all around and siding starting. I buried roughly 2 ft. of HW cloth horizontally out at ground level and buried it. Not terribly deep, but 2ft. is a far ways to dig over and hopefully i notice that before they make it all the way in. IMG_20190913_151722581_HDR.jpg IMG_20190913_151928088_HDR.jpg Finishing off the closed coop. 1x4 wood for the door frames. will eventually use same for all trim to make it look nice. IMG_20190923_073719390.jpg Door on. Kind of high until I get the deck in. I used wine corks to cover all exposed roofing nails. IMG_20190928_160753228_HDR.jpg Feeders hung with chain. ramp attached with hinges. used decking for the ramp, with 1x2 for the steps. IMG_20190928_165235504_HDR.jpg Again, used hinges to attach the roosts for easy access to clean. IMG_20191016_143907542.jpg IMG_20191016_143920174.jpg Gotta add a little style and perches for the chickens IMG_20191019_180122780_HDR.jpg Deck started. Inspection day. Inspectors name is Dash. IMG_20191022_153043660_HDR.jpg Dash would prefer I didn't finish; she seems to like it at this stage. IMG_20191022_154304273_HDR.jpg They approve of the added potted plants IMG_20191023_153237965_HDR.jpg Final product. painted to match the house. IMG_20191023_154655597_HDR.jpg View of nesting box and storage access. As well as the old modified factory coop. IMG_20191023_154704855_HDR.jpg

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  1. N F C
    Turned out nicely and looks like the flock approves. Nice use of wine corks btw!
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