.::future coop expansion confirm::.
So I ask my dad to make a two story coop. I had everything under control about the impossible obstacle but it fail since the neighbor issue (my dad don’t want the neighbor to know that my family has chickens since I live in a town usually cities and town don’t allow to have chicken since their a bit noisy and est. this ridiculous since almost EVERY animals are noisy and I’ sure my neighbor knows since we have a rooster and so far my neighbors didn’t walk up to the door and complain yet) but my dad said we will expand it by asking my mom more land from her garden but I found a better way to expand the coop. I might ask my dad to relocate the coop

or i might ask my dad to find a way to buy more land from the high shcool property(behind my backyard is just patch of dirt field and a road,not an accual road but a dirt road where cleaning staff drive through.) and the dirt field been like that for years(ever since i move moved here in 1997) it would be a nice place to relocate the coop(plus if i did found a way the new coop will be huge but im not gonna take lot of land but a 10'W by 45'L would be nice. but this will not happen.yes crazy idea but i can imagine it
but i will be extending the coop downward.lot of room their.
months past and their no expansion yet(sight) but someday their will be a coop expansion/renovation and possibly another coop or relocating elsewhere to a better location(i found a better location.this is where i plan on making a second coop and relocation the coop their as an two story coop,the space is quiet smaller since that what made me revive the two story coop idea
i have made up my mind. somewhere next year i plan on renovating my current coop,well more like demolishing the current coop and possibly downsizing the width of the coop and possibly extending the length of the coop and and thought of a genius idea! this how it all start,when i was visiting disneyland and when i see disney california adventure i think of the caoster of california screamin where it has "scream sheilds" and when i hear that word i think of sound proof walls.i though why not research about materials that can be sound proof walls, to reduce the noise from the chickens,and ofcourse my rooster crowing to reduce the impact of possibly getting compliants or worse i ahve to be force to give up on them. and i want the coop to blend with the house,i plan on themeing the architecture will be Mediterranean Revival Style architecture since i love the the style but it somewhat blend with the house(and the neighborhood aswell),but not so sure if this my parent will be willing to pay big money on this(but i would if i had the money)
my next plan is to create a second coop, like my plan to put "sound proof walls" on my current coop,i will do the same thing as well for the second coop in the shed.the coop will be 5' L by 4' W.since the second coop is tiny i plan on making this coop a two story coop