1. Poultrybonkers
    Hatched March 1st
    0C921119-B745-468C-A39D-008AA9F33E6D.jpeg FF85F7AC-2045-4A48-B2F9-06D6A1DB1352.jpeg 97A050D5-C660-4910-AE55-D1EB567846BA.jpeg FE8EC8CE-C247-4075-8BE6-2C7CC1F8F322.jpeg 88E3225D-7DF7-4085-826A-499042AD6163.jpeg 7F93624F-ED75-457B-B38E-0896BE70F334.jpeg EE79DD5C-0CB8-46AC-A537-5BA8A0E6BB1D.jpeg 68575363-59B8-4515-85AB-94ACB22C1100.jpeg 8714D004-BFA5-4A4D-8405-9067E1DE55AA.jpeg E4A73B0F-ED79-42D4-89FE-6374B3CFC9FF.jpeg 9EFE2AE1-4010-48FD-ACB4-EB7258314D60.jpeg 13402C28-5B64-4A5D-B163-2FE669CC7E92.jpeg E092A24C-4EED-48DF-993C-2F9912F2E033.jpeg A99AF8F5-B8BB-47EF-BA2A-957FFD2F478B.jpeg 67B2F46F-0B28-421A-87B7-2815E9B98D8E.jpeg
    She ended up being bred to a BLRW Roo and she has since passed away but heres her offspring they were sexlinks
    There was 5 but one chick (a pullet) jumped out of the brooder and got chilled I do have another pullet but is only about 1 week old 5F29A8BC-984F-45A8-9308-0A2E099A4FDB.jpeg 32A0E8FD-6AF4-4E29-9565-A946CA316123.jpeg FB42A2D9-983A-4848-8F9B-E623A6DF84B6.jpeg C33B410E-C1CA-4B88-93BE-5EAF7A2713F2.jpeg
    I plan on keeping the one on the right for breeding to barred rocks and speckled sussex the other two will be processed this month the sister will be bred to wyandotte x easter egger x easter egger mixed roo
    7B227C46-09A2-4EE6-A7CB-574035E49431.jpeg 918F7FAF-D159-4619-A144-E1DDC55FCD08.jpeg
    This roo I am keeping around
    This is the silver roo not blue like the other two, the roos next to him are the roos ill be breeding to the sister 405470CF-BE71-48BD-B6AC-FE8829B83ACA.jpeg
    The sister who lives with her grandma away from all the males 039F2CF0-954C-4305-990B-DD91010347E5.jpeg

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