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By fancychickenlover · Feb 26, 2012 · Updated Feb 26, 2012 · ·
  1. fancychickenlover
    Hi, I would like you to meet my faboulous Faverolle Fabio! Fabio is by far the coolest rooster ever, since the day I got him in the mail from Cackle hatchery he was special! He came with a funny little blue mark on his head indicating that he was a rooster! As he matured he became the friendliest of the 6 chicks we got and by the time he was close to beeing fully matured he began to get even more Fabulous! His hackle feathers began to grow which made him look as if he had long blonde locks like that of Fabio! Which is where he got his name "Fabio"! This rooster is just amazing some things that are unique about him is that he can tell when my dad is drunk and so Fabio chases my dad around the yard until he's far away from his hens! He also makes this funny sound only after you sneeze like a cawing sound it is so funny and he wont stop till you stop sneezing! He also Follows me around like a little puppy and dances around me flapping his wings trying to get my attention! One thing this year that Fabio and I did was Showmanship! When showing him every fair I get a crowd of people around me asking what breed is he, how do I get him to sit in my hand all realxed, how do I keep him in such good condition, where can I get one? How can a rooster be so gentle and especially most people tell me how beautiful and gorgeous he is which a totally agree with them! With him I won Champion showman in my division at the Rhode island state fair as a senior and Reserved showman overall! He is without a doubt the most chillaxed rooster ever and the biggest baby :D I really cant wait for this year i hope we win Champion at our state fair because this time I know what bumblefoot is which I didnt during the time. Hahaha... <3 Fabio just has the most unusual temperment for a rooster he is so gentle and outgoing and overall a gorgeous bird what more could I want for my first Rooster! I hope you think he is just a Faboulous as I do and this year I am doing public speaking for 4-H and my talk is all about Faverolles and most of it's about him! [​IMG][​IMG]

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  1. fancychickenlover
    Aww... Thank you!
  2. BantamoftheOpera
    He is very handsome.

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