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    This is Millard and Millie. They are Mille Fleure D'Uccles. Millie loves to be held.
    Millard, not so much. They were given to me last summer by a neighbor friend. He gave them
    to me because my hubby said I couldn't buy any more chickens, but I really wanted
    some Mille Fleures.
    Chicken folks are like that. big enablers, trouble makers, and greatest
    I am raising Bantam Cochins in Blue, black, mottled, buff, brown red, and silver.
    I also have D'Uccles, Old english game bantams, Golden Duckwing Phoenix,
    some nice Black Copper Marans, Easter Eggers ( I just love those big blue eggs) and of course guineas for tick patrols.
    I live in Northwest Arkansas, out in the country between Rudy and Cedarville. I work in
    Historical Fort Smith, Arkansas, but I would rather stay home and play with chickens all day.
    My wonderful, understanding husband is the best chicken pen builder ever! During the summer
    of 2011, I currently have about 120 chicks at different stages. I have stopped hatching for the
    summer. Boy is that hard to do, when my little hens just keep on laying eggs.
    I'll write and post more pictures later.

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