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  1. blondiebee181
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    I had been wanting chickens for several summers, but being a full-time college student and working made it hard to get started. Finally, I recieved my degree in December 2011 and the following Spring my plans for a backyard flock began to take realistic shape. We live in the city so Roosters were not an option, but I had been in contact with the local feed store and they let me know when they would be getting their first shipment of pullets. I was so excited I could hardly wait! I began planning my run and getting a brooder and supplies together. My uncle is a contractor and he even built me a beautiful coop!
    I painted it myself! When I got to the feed store later that week, I could hardly restrain myself to just four chickens; four adorable, fuzzy, multi-colored cotton balls just begging to come home with me! I decided to get one of each of the breeds they had.....and who can POSSIBLY resist baby waterfowl? So I scooped up an adorable fuzzy yellow duckling to add to my treasure box! Even as day old chicks, the boisterous little buggers began to distinguish themselves. Meet Xena, my little Ameracauna warrior princess! She is second in command in our flock and doesn't take crap from anybody!
    Daisy, my little Leghorn was also quick to name, she too is a princess, but with a whole other meaning! She is the leader of our flock!
    Ginger the Rhode Island Red was the third to get her name, and has always been such a sweet, calm, happy-go-lucky chicken!
    My little Barred Rock was the hardest because she was so personality-less at first, but my boyfriend decided to call her Petrie after the Pteradactyl on Land Before Time who was always falling instead of flying. My mother called her "stoner chick" for a while because of the way she would sleep all the time and stumble around a lot. We thought she maybe was one of the last to hatch.
    And last but certainly not least, Paul my Pekin duckling. The ducklings weren't sexed when we bought them so I hoped and hoped he would turn out female and we could call him 'Pearl' instead! Alas, I also had to give him up recently because he was getting tooooo friendly with my hens. The lady at the hatchery he originally came from said she would take him for her home duck flock. He was such a sweet, and friendly guy I was sad to give him up, but I know he went to a good home. Here he is with the group, and those chicks LOVED to follow him around!
    As babies so often do, they have grown up so fast! They are 3 months now, and going strong! We are hoping for eggs in a few more weeks! For those who are wondering, even though Paul has left us, the flock remains Fantastic 4+1 because a day later, an old friend of mine contacted me about a lonely, older hen of hers she was looking to rehome. Meet Silver, the Silver Laced Wyandotte!
    Even though she is 5-6 years old and her laying is slightly declining, she is as pretty as a new penny to us! She is very friendly to humans and even after a couple weeks of living around my 'teenage' hens, she is fitting in nicely! Here are a few more recent shots of the girls!
    Little Daisy has the most beautiful tail! And she looooves Watermelon on a hot day! She is also the only chicken who sports her little white 'bermuda shorts' every day!
    Nothing like a good sunbathe after a days "hard work" for the little warrior. We just love her little mutton chops! With her absent comb and wattles, she looks wilder than ever!
    Little Ginger has grown up to be quite the beautiful chicken! She puts on the biggest ruckus in the morning if I don't let them out into the yard soon enough! Some of us like to sleep in!

    Even Petrie has grown into a beautiful (and fat!) little bird. She preffers to spend her time chasing the doves out from under the bird feeder so she can eat the seed herself.
    Silver is sportingly showing off our backyard setup. The tan and brown dog house will be a duck house in a few weeks! Thanks for a taking a few minutes to meet my eggcellent little flock, they sure are entertaining and we love em'!
    Here's one more picture of Paul with the girls a few days before I had to give him away. What a handsome boy!

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  1. ChickInDelight
  2. blondiebee181
    Yep! And yogurt too they LOVE
  3. Jasperina
    Great story and pics. Your setup reminds me a bit of mine. I also live in town and can only have a small coop and run. My 5 chickens seem pretty happy though and are ready to start laying any day. sorry about Paul! What a cute guy! I'd also like to have ducks but I don't have the right arrangement for it. Congratulations on your college degree too!
  4. mychickispedro
    my chickens also love watermelon and there faces are usually covered in red juice
  5. blondiebee181
    Thank you all! They are my precious girls! Yeah Angelhamm, that is an Ameracauna. Kahlo, yes having Paul with the chicks worked out fine but if you are wanting to raise more than 1 or 2 ducks you will probably want to seperate them because ducks are MUCH messier than chickens. I think they are waaaay worth it though, they have completely different and equally awesome personalities and the imprinting is cool too. I would also, of course, recommend female ducks only if you have hens or unless you are planning to keep them seperate because drakes will become sexually agressive with chicken hens and can hurt them (hence Pauls re-homing) I just recieved my 2 new Indian Runner girls in the mail about a week ago though and they are a TON of fun! Thank you all again! I was so tickled to be selected!
  6. awesomechicken
  7. Yukonchick
    Beautiful photos.
  8. Kim95037
    Man what great pictures!
  9. rendezvous1838
    Meet Xena, my little Ameracauna warrior princess!
  10. Angelhamm
    What breed is the chicken next to the duck in the picture above? We have one and thought it was a Welsummer but now think it's a Aracauna. Am I way off? Haha!
  11. 2bobobossyhen
    I read your story out loud to my husband. Great photos, too. Now I must get a new camera.
  12. mille fluer
    nice chickens
    i think the hens would like green beans
  13. itsmechrissy
    Pretty birds! My girls love watermelon too!
  14. CountryGeorge
    Nice story! Most of the fun with chickens is watching them grow. I am thinking of raising a bunch of chicks next year for folks that only want a few and not the minimum batch you need to order from the hatcheries just for the sheer fun of raising them.
  15. 3 Golden Girls
    Good looking girls. Paul was a handsome guy. Hope he is happy in his new home.
    Congrats to Little Daisy, what a cutie.
  16. orpington10
    I had a duck but it got killed by my Golden Duckwing Game Cock. they got in a big fight while i was gone shopping, the ducks name was Ponfolio, but by the way you have some really nice chickens
  17. Egg Lover
    Beautiful girls!
  18. kellypepperk
  19. Whittni
    Super cute
  20. willowbranchfarm
    Beautiful birds.
  21. Kahlo
    Enjoyed your post. I'm a chicken newbie and have been wondering if you could add ducks to your flock. Your seem to have gotten along fine.
  22. BYC Project Manager
    Congratulations, we've chosen one of your chicken pics for the Picture Of the Week. Thanks for posting your chickens to our "My Chickens" pages! You can find more info about our POW here: BYC POW process
  23. Gramma Chick
    A Nice little Family ..thanks for sharing . We have 4 teens also . 1 white 1 RRed & 2 Mixed reds . 4 hens that we rescued from the axe . The hens pick on the babies GRRR. I am glad yours all get along

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