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By jasonm11 · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. jasonm11
    "Green acres is the place to be. Farm livin' is the life for me. Land spreadin' out so far and wide"... Keep Dallas, just give me that countryside. Everything is green and Spring has sprung. What a glorious week so far. The garden is producing already, we had straight neck squash, beans and carrots last night. The chickens are getting fat, the turkeys are getting big, and the ducks are monsters. We are no where near self sufficient, but we won't be spending as much at the grocery store this year. I hope all is well in Houston, we are bobbing along here in the country where time moves a little slower and the air is a little sweeter. Got home today and Brice and I took care of the fowl and checked on the baby turkeys. When we were finished we sat down under the tree and enjoyed the breeze. I posted a few pictures below for you.
    Getting pretty excited about this summer, the kids will be coming to stay with us in July. I am hoping we will get in quite a bit of time in at the lake. We are pretty sure that Brice is going to be living with us for next school year, God willing. We are still on the search for our church home, we are going to visit the baptist church in Pilot Point this weekend.
    My sister was officially sworn in to city council in MPR, now we have two politicians in the family. I kind of feel like Billy Carter. No more speeding tickets for me, ha ha. No seriously now, beer anyone. Ha ha I'm proud of you little sister.
    the monster ducks

    My love, my boy, schnitzel and bruiser

    Big Roy has to get in the picture, he is such a ham.. er ... turkey.

    the garden

    bruiser, he almost lost an eye from the hen that hatched him.

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