Farm Update *Friday's Only Post*

By WinterChicks · Jan 23, 2015 ·
  1. WinterChicks
    Hi! I hope you come back next Friday to see another update! Thanks for reading!

    Hi there, I am 12 years old and am interested in farm stuff...I am homeschooled and some of my friends have farm animals too! I am restarting my flock..this is my 2nd flock. I have been raising chickens now for almost a year!!
    Anyways, Let me introduce you to my animals:

    *Jinx, a mixed Large Bantam...
    Is a pretty buff color! I love her and suspect a Bramha in her mix possibly. The name me and my friend came with up...on accident! She said 'jinx' about something and I said 'that's it! that's gonna be her name!' and that's how it happened.
    Here is a picture of her:
    *Sergant Pepper, a mixed bantam...
    He is white with black (you guessed it!) and friendlier then all my hens, such a sweetheart too, letting the hens eat before him, making nests for them and he even sits on your shoulder!


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