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By farm316 · Nov 22, 2014 ·
  1. farm316
    Hey guys,

    I am going to be writing a blog about what's going on around my family's farm and what's going on in general. We have almost 20 chickens now and we have 3 ducks.
    We are going to start breeding our Rooster named Crow with one of our hens but we have run into some difficulty's, I wanted to breed my EE/AC Rooster with my Yellow comet hen but it turned out that they don't get along so well. Right now Crow is living in the same coop as our ducks and his hen. We are thinking about allowing the pair to have 1/4' of the coop so that they can live in peace.

    Everything is doing well here, and we are trying to get Christmas decorations and tree up in the house before its not too late, our schedules are normally packed because we have what seems to be something going on every second of the day, we aren't going to be putting up many thanksgiving decorations because we have a christmas party coming up. As most of you all know I have 2 wonderful pups and a little brother who always annoys me. Christmas is always chaotic but it seems too be my favorite holiday of the year. Santa's coming and we can't forget why we truly celebrate christmas, because of Christ's birth! And also all the presents and the cookies,candy,family. Family is coming down from MN for Christmas and I can't wait! Although I am a terrible cook I like making cake,cookies,cupcakes and fried fish!

    I love to fish,eat, and thats about it.. And I love my Family
    (I will be writing more on my blog, but thats it today)


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  1. crazyfeathers
    Love to see pictures too..

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