I got into ducks by mistake I saw little ducklings at a farm and a few days later bought 21 duck egss on ebay for hatching I had some troubles and ended up with only one duckling hatching So I went to the local hatchery to get him a friend I came home with 3 ducklings that day and ended up with 4 a few months later a racoon kill to of my ducks the males of the group So now I had 2 females The next spring about a year later my grandma gave me some eggs from her ducks and I bought more on ebay. One egg I got from my grandma I got at the bottom of her ice coverd pond I had to break the ice to get the egg He hatched and so did one I got from ebay 2 weeks later a Twin egg walked into my life now I had twins and added 4 ducks to my group a few months later a racoon got one duck no down to five over the winter I got my grandmas duck it was a female that lost its mate :( And she could no long care for him a few months later in the creek by my grandmas house a pekin duck as frozen in the ice now to 7 then I took in a mallard and I got my magic 8 back :)

Im called the animalboy were I live I have 8 ducks. 3 guinea fowl,1 rabbit,3 fish,2 cats,1 Dog, and a lizard. I dont live in the country but I have my own little bit of it.