Hello Every body. thanks for reading my page. i have many animals such as : 1 pony, goats, chickens, rabbits, dogs, turtles, fish, and a bird. the chickens i have are buff orpingtons, amerucanas, Cochins, Golden laced polish, Appenzeller spitzhauben crosses, mix breeds, blue silkies, and Seramas.
I also have an account under Backyardherds.com is is hannahbanana3
I will try to add pictures of my chickens sometime.
I am involved in 4-H and ride horses.
Im tring to learn more about chickens to improve my flock.
Also if anybody has any tips on showing i would love to hear them, as i REALLY REALLY want to show chickens through 4-H but i never had so feel free to tell me anything.
(I also REALLY want to show goats through 4-H too)

unfourtantly though i will probably never get the AMAZING opertunity to show though

The only shows i can do are the online poultry shows, but i cannot even do those because i cannot figure out how to get pictures on there.