Hey! I'm Grant! I'm a bit weird. Not many high schoolers love chickens (that aren't eating them) but I am from the small population that does! I am in FFA. I show rabbits and I am getting a lamb in spring. I have 5 permanant chickens right now. There is Rio and Joanne, my polish pair. They were my first that I got from Sarah. I originally had three, but my dog attacked them.... She killed one and attacked the other two but they lived. I was hoping to get into providing eggs for me and some of my neighbors, so on the last day of school last year, I got 6 chicks, (4 barred rocks, 1 EE that ended up being a roo :(, and an australorp) from a feed store in Richmond, Texas. I gave the roo and two barred rocks to my cousin for her to start her new farm! And plus, I was tired of seeing all these zebra chickens running at me and pecking my toes :( Here is a pic of two of the chicks when they were younger.

Here is my rooster Rio,

Here is Rio and Joanne,

Here are my copper maran chicks. Which I just hatched last month (september 22) I am not keeping any. Their names are Mitochondria, Nugget, And Toby.

These are most of my chickens.... I hope yall enjoy!