Welcome To Our Farm

50345_100_0732.jpg This is Truly

We first started with cows and it just moved on from there with a horse then chickens and it grows still today and will still grow from years to come
I will introduce you to our FARM :)
we have five herford cows; The Bull bret,The girls: Liberty, Bell, Freedom, and the new baby she has no name yet The 9 Nubian and Nubian/Lamanchas does we have Granny the nubian ( the pain in the butt) Melissa, Aluminum, Briers, Canny, Jingles, Eli, Milky Way and Spock lol and the boys elliot ( after the deer in open season) and uncle hiccup ( the pain in my side but i still love him) and we have 10 buff orpingtons, 9 red sexlinks, 2 EEs 2 little bantams and a rooster named Yinsen. our four sweet ducks, some baby bob white quail, Three sweet bunnys: Don, Porter and dolly, and the horse Truly and soon to be turkeys
We live on 45 acres in little Dublin TEXAS, we lost a lot of our chickens from that big freeze we hade january 2011 only two hens and our rooster survived out of our 30 something chickens it was our buff rooster and hen and a sexlink hen that made it thru the cold winter, so we got new chicks in march and ducklings and are expanding the chicken house and run we are going to insulate it and fill all unwanted cracks get it good and ready for winter, we didn't loose any of the other animals this year thank goodness for that. every thing is a work in progress but we will get there soon.
I will Post pictures and pages for every one to see
this is Bleu the Lazy pitbull but he is so sweet he just sleeps all day.