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    This page lists all of my stuff for swaps, side swaps, and if you are interested I'll sell some of the stuff as well.

    6+ BO hatching eggs

    6+ Muscovy duck eggs (when they are laying)

    10 peacock feathers (Perfect for crafts or decorations)

    1 pound non gmo , open pollinated corn. This stuff is amazing! And so versatile. This is what our grandparents would have grown. I will ship it whole, coarse ground for poultry scratch, or fine ground as cornmeal. The cornmeal will include two recipes, one for cornbread and one for cookies. If you are looking to feed your chickens healthier then this is the stuff for you. Its crude protein is between 10 to 12%, much higher than modern day hybridized corn.

    5+ Austree (hybrid willow) starts. Three years after planting you will have a windbreak and or a privacy fence. Chickens love the tender leaves, goats and rabbits LOVE the bark of this plant. It contains medicinal properties. Low maintanence. Holds its leaves well. Flexible limbs means less breaking due to wind and ice. And unlike most other willows (and trees in general), these trees will NOT spread by sucker or seed.

    Depending on the trade 1 sandwich bag or 1 quart sized bag of a product I've deemed nibblers. These are short pieces of our Austree branches cut up for your bunny's enjoyment. Or any other small chewing creature. They absolutely love these treats. Our bunnies go nuts for the branches to chew on and yours will too.

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