Farmtop Flocks! WARNING LOTS OF PICS!!!! :D

By luvmypets · Jul 23, 2014 · Updated Jul 23, 2014 · ·
  1. luvmypets
    Here at Farmtop we raise ducks, chickens, and sheep. We raise all organic and always have new projects.

    To start off I would like to say how much I love our girls and boys. We have three roosters over 30+ hens.

    Here is the top Roo Pritzs (aka Pretty Boy) He is a beautiful Phoenix/EE cross and all his daughters lay bantam sized green eggs,
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Here is our old boy Olly the only bird left from our orginal flock.

    Now not all our girls have names (im working on it) here are some of my favorites. Also you can suggest names in the comments!

    [​IMG] to start off we have our girl sunny (who i call Sun Bun) She is a BO and pretty sweet

    One of Pritz's daughters Sophie. I love taking pictures of her because he look like a game hen.
    [​IMG] This is chip and Dale(Dalia) Chip is a little cockeral (Pritz's eldest son) They deciding it would be fun to dust bathe under the metal posts... Because why not?[​IMG]

    [​IMG] here is one of our EE hens Sprinkles she is very flighty and doesnt like to be held.

    [​IMG] here is pritzs other daughter Falcon she is a Silkie/Phoenix/EE cross and lays beautiful blue/green eggs. She is one of my favorite girls.
    [​IMG]Here is one of our 2 columbian wyandottes (needs a name)

    [​IMG]This is one of my favorite pictures of Cirra and her Chicks. Soci is most likely a little girl, i just love her buff coloring. Lightning is most likely a little roo and he looks good in white [​IMG][​IMG] this is our only SLW Lacey. She is pretty gentle and tolerates being held.
    [​IMG] here is one of our older EE girls Snowy. She was a little camera shy but i managed to get a pic of her.

    [​IMG] heres another one of our EE girls Philly. we named her that because she looked like an eagle as a pullet.

    [​IMG] Well i thought you should see our run with everyone free-ranging outside happy as could be.

    [​IMG]and out broody girl (needs a name)

    Alright i might throw some random pics here or there but we are headed on to the ducks. They dont really have names so hang with me here.
    [​IMG] black swedish drake and blue swedish hen.

    [​IMG] here are the ducks just chilling outside

    Alright last but not least are our sheep. Sadly i dont have any pics of our ram bt i do have pics of mammy and Lily.

    [​IMG]Mammy is Lily's Mom. Lily was born the day after easter and is growing like a weed. Her full name is Easter Lily.

    Lily says thanks for taking time to read this!

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  1. luvmypets
    we actually named her penny and she is the proud mom of to ducklings
  2. PeckPeckChick
    You could name the broody girl truffle or brownie
  3. luvmypets
    Thank you. Haha sheep can be difficult, and i want goats just not at the moment. Want i blue eyed Nigerian Dwarf.
  4. ChickyChickens
    love your animals! Although I am not a big fan of sheep! I rather like goats!
  5. luvmypets
    Thank you!!
  6. crazyfeathers
  7. crazyfeathers
    Love your chickens, they look so happy and healthy...

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