Hi, I'm Funky Feathers, a big fat poultry farmin', animal lovin', food eatin' 44 year old artist/photographer/comedian (not professionally).I love collecting jewelry, dresses, seashells, rocks, bones, skulls, fossils, etc. I am a shell-a-holic. I look like a big 'ol wad of cheese! Lol! Heh, that's me sense of humor. I am actually a great speller, though sometimes I purposely misspell things. I like mischief and mayhem (hee hee). I like anything beautiful, funny, fluffy or tasty. I love to buy & sell on eBay, ETSY & BYC. I Married my soulmate of 15 years in September 2009. We had a picture-perfect wedding and a fabulous (unforgettable) honeymoon in the Bahamas. You can see our pics on Photobucket, my username there is Birdy427. I have 1 horse, 2 dogs (Pit Bull & German Shepherd), 1 man, 1 cat, 2 leopard geckos and 20 ducks and chickens.We raise butterscotch call ducks and bantam Splash & Mille Fleur cochins. :)

https://www.backyardchickens.com/fo...11&PHPSESSID=c325fd161c5a5d8944d89930bd91c49d 653.jpg 626.jpg 700.jpg ttp://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c281/Birdy427/Poultry/bumpersticker-1.jpg[/IMG] http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c281/Birdy427/Poultry/bumpersticker-1.jpg newbiggerbanner2.jpg