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  1. ella
    My favorite flock pics
    Angel from my original flock.

    Russa testing her wings.

    The girls enjoying the sun.

    I was sitting with Apollo on my lap when Alva decided to snuggle up underneath him.

    Pumpkin and Pi

    Cami and Monty.

    Pretty little girl Gus.

    Boba is my smartypants chicken.

    Ella & Boba enjoying a sunny moment

    Nekoda pretends it's the Attack of the 50 foot chicken AHHHHH!!!!

    Nekoda's brother Leif giving the evil eye, I guess it runs in the family.

    Jack is always looking out for his ladies.

    Like mother, like daughter...
    My two favorite ladies, Ella and Cammi

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  1. Nike
    Love your pictures! Looks like you've got a happy flock!

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