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  1. Fay at Frizzled Feathers
    Hello & Welcome to My page
    We are now living our dream ! We own and operate a small hobbie farm near Hartville,Missouri .
    Our flocks are NPIP certified & Avian influenza clean.
    - In Bantams we have :We raise chickens in several breeds
    Frizzle cochins
    Lavender Silkies
    B/B/S Silkies
    White Showgirl/Silkies
    White Cochins - smooth feathered n frizzled
    Blue/Splash cochins
    Black/Blue mottled cochins
    Bluff cochins
    Standard chickens -
    Blue Laced Red Wyandottes , in all 3 color varieties
    Light Sussex
    Coronation Sussex
    Frizzle Cochins
    Birmingham Roller Pigeons
    Pygmy Goats
    Silver Fox (black)

    New Zealand Whites

    We do offer hatching eggs when we have them available
    We also hatch chicks in small quanities
    DH has a sawmill and also does custom cut lumber , so if you have any logs that you would like cut pm me here or email him at cabinbuilder@live.com

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  1. LittleChicks4Me
    Hello, I am wanting to buy 1 or 2 white cochin hens for pets.. Do you ship young pullets?
    Please let me know..

    Thank you...

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