I got my 5 hens in July, 3 beautiful Orpingtons, Buff, Black, and Splash and 2 very endearing Polish. About 6 weeks ago my Buff Orp started to crow, unfortunatley I had to get rid of her, the supplier took her back and I looked around for a replacement. I wanted another buff around the same age. I found one about 6 weeks younger than the others. It took about a week for the others to accept her and stop being mean to her, now shes one of the family. I get 6 eggs a week from my Splash. I love my chooks to bits they are so entertaining, and keep me occupied now that my last child has flown the nest and gone to uni. I have 3 children and 2 step children and a hubby. I lost my Westie Sally last year she was 14 we were all gutted when she went. Our hobby, apart from the chooks is touring on our motorbikes. Earlier this year we went from Yorkshire to Portugal on our Moto Guzzi, fantastic.