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February 2009 Progress

By Bridy Man · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. Bridy Man
    February '09:
    External nest boxes added (2 boxes)
    With the cover.
    The cover will flip all the way up for easy egg access and cleaning.
    Electricity supply comes from below the coop.
    The main front door (left) just needs a paint job and then hinges. The smaller missing door (right) will allow us to get in without the hens getting out.
    The back side will have four doors! One below the coop to clean the area under the coop.
    Three for the coop. This picture shows the bottom one (1 ft tall) that will flip down to empty the litter. The upper two ones will be used daily for food and water. You can open them without the litter falling out.
    Added two electric plugs and a light. Primed interior in white.
    Added ventilation openings. Primed cedar trimming.​

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