♥ Tender Heart's Background ♥

My name is Felicia, and I am the owner of Tender Heart Farms. I am a 4-Her and I am located in Michigan. I currently own a Bouvier des Flandres, one cat, four rabbits (a flemish giant, 2 mini lops, and a holland mix), five goats (one alpine, four pygmy mixes), two sheep (two Romney ewes), 2 Sebastopol Geese, 2 Ameraucanas (Wheaten/Wheaten Blue), 2 Silkies (8 more eggs in the bator), 2 Showgirls, 3 Bantams, hopefully some B/B/S Giant Cochins soon, 1 Pekin duck, 2 Mix breed ducks, and 6 Saxony (Top show quality from Holderread).

♥ Summer 2010 ♥
I will have eating/hatching eggs &
chicks/ducklings/(hopefully)goslings available.

Keep checking back, as I am working on some coops for my poultry and I will update with pictures and plans on how to make it :)