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Fellowship of the Wing

  1. WhyYesIAmCrazy
    Hi everybody! I'm the proud tender of 4 Hubbard Brown pullets - 17 weeks old today- and I'm AMAZED how grown up they look compared to the scruffy, half-fledged little girls I brought home 14 weeks ago. I've also got 3 other younger ladies (now 7 weeks), one (probably) Easter Egger, one Ancona, and one... unidentifable pullet. (She's gold.. but as yet nondescript)
    So, anyway, these are my older ladies, Dahlia, Zinnia, Orchid, and Lily.
    [​IMG] Dahlia [​IMG] Zinnia

    [​IMG] from the left, Orchid, Zinnia, Dahlia [​IMG] Lily taking a nap

    The younger ladies: Prim, Daisy, and Marigold
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

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  1. silkie10
    :yuckyuck Love the name!!!
  2. birdmandan
    I don't like to name my birds. It makes it so much harder when it comes to slaughter time. :drool
    1. PoultreeKing
      I have 90 birds they are all named Frederick :p
  3. GldnValleyHens
    haha I love your title, Fellowship of the Wing, so funny! Next you need the Brahma, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Haha bad joke
  4. Katarina
    Is it possible for two chicks to be on one egg?
    1. Abriana
      Did you mean to say "in one egg"? Because, yes, it is possible. There was another thread and someone had two eggs with twins. they were both fully developed, but sadly didn't hatch.
  5. grintschik
    The black and white bird is gorgeous! As is everyone else :D
  6. Flock Master64
    Beautiful birds
  7. bajabirdbrain
    Your girls are beautiful. Excellent photos! Thanks for making my morning!!
  8. Abriana
    Such a cute flock!
  9. PeepersMama
    X2 all the previous posts. Marigold looks like a biuttercup. They're pretty neat chickens from what I understand. :D
  10. nickylou665
    Lovely littles!

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