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By TLWR · Jun 9, 2013 ·
  1. TLWR
    3 chickens fit ok in the old duck house (aka - dog house kit from Lowe's), but 5 do not.
    So time to build another new hut. We decided to make it similar to the duck house, but I wanted it taller, so the roof didn't need to open like the duck house.

    Same foot print and build design. 6' x 3'
    We used 6' fence boards as walls and the floors as well. Interior was painted with exterior semi gloss paint for protection and easier cleaning.

    We didn't remember the camera until we had 3 walls built.
    We started by cutting 4 2x4x10' in half to give us 8 5' legs. Screwed them together to create the corners.
    Then we built the 3' sides. Cut 6' fence boards in half. screwed them into the legs.
    Got them on end and squared up the ends and screwed in one 6' side.
    Then made sure it was still square and started the other side.



    Sides completed.

    Turned right side up again and some floor supports put around the insides and a couple of cross pieces. We ripped a 2x4 in half for this.

    Carried the sucker outside and got it level. Cement pavers were used to have a solid base.

    From above before the last paver was put in and leveled.

    Dry fit of floor.

    Started the roof 2x6 for the top and then 2x4s. Painted the floor boards and interior walls.

    Started cutting the upper boards and then cut out a door. The upper board gave some support while we cut out the huge chunk in the middle.

    Framed out the door.

    Hung the door so it opens down.

    hanging down.

    Big girl chickens checking it out.

    Repeat on other end for easy hose cleaning.

    Buy new Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels from Lowe's and re-purpose the old painted plywood window panels as the roof. Then buy more shingles so what you have left can be used on the house if necessary and the chicken house doesn't have to match exactly. Use 8' fence boards to build a ridge for the roof. Place so it allows air flow.

    Put in a couple of 2x4 roosts standing on edge.


    Let the little chicks check it out

    seal of approval?

    Now how do we get out and back to the back patio??

    We plan to install legs into the door so that when open, it can serve as a ramp into the house. And put some pieces of wood along the door for easy climbing.

    6' fence boards were $.99 from HD the week before with the turtle pen project. When we started this, they were up to $1.25. I noticed this weekend they are back to $1.50.

    17 6' fence boards
    2 8' fence boards
    4 2x4x10s
    7 2x4s
    1 gallon of exterior paint
    4 hinges
    2 locking clasps
    2 nice carabiners
    1 package of shingles
    5 12x12 pavers
    2 re-purposed plywood hurricane panels
    1 gazillion screws (mostly 1 5/8", some 2", some 3" and maybe a few 4")

    Our ducks and chickens free range during the day, so I didn't enclose the bottom portion at all.

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