Welcome to my webpage. As you may have guessed from my screen name I'm a female firefighter. I'm new to "Chicken Keeping". I've had parrots for many years. I purchased six grown hens, they are so fun to watch. Wonder if i can teach them to talk? Currently I'm not interested in chicks so I don't have any roosters. I picked up my first four chickens at a very small county 4-H Fair near my home. The chickens came from a housewife/mother who's kids lost interest. After being told by another chicken fancier of this website I discovered chickens called "Easter Chickens", so I purchased two of them from a breeder I met online. Now I'm trying to introduce them to my original chickens. Wow, now I've seen how chickens can be very nasty! I know know where the saying Pecking Order came from.
Update: 8/12/08
One of my new hens is living with the orginal flock of four. The other hen is kept safe in a dog crate in chicken pen. I built a compartment for her in the coop which I call "the apartment". I just purchased 6 little chicks at the Sussex County Fair (NJ). They told me the four little yellow chicks came from a hatchery and were females. The other 2 chicks that were born at the fair are guesses. I guess I have a 50/50 chance that the two could be roosters. Yep, I'm hooked on chickens now.
Update: 8/18/08
Chicks are growing! The brown mystery chick has wing & tail feathers. It is the biggest heaviest chick and looks like my grown EE hens. The yellow chicks have light colored wing feathers. We believe they are Buff Or (somethings). The smallest chick is black with gray/white underside. It has black wings & white dots next it's eyes.
I still can't figure out how to insert photos.
Photos to follow...