Framed and ready to be moved.


Rain set in and I should have taken notice, we used OSB plywood, I have NO windows or nest box doors since we only have a reciprocating saw and the basic hammers, nails, stapler gun.


Spring has sprung and the roof looks....awkward. Need to re-do it but not sure how! I also painted all the OSB instead of adding siding, I would like to add siding though.


Winterized, the inside has cardboard and heavy duty plastic sheeting stapled to it for added insulation. Next year I am putting plastic all over the front here and leaving the back open for ventilation. We had a lot of snow get in with the front being left open. Live and Learn, planning on fixing it little by little as I learn more!


Now that we have become victims to poulty math, we need to expand our space. This means I have enlisted hubby to build me a duck house! The plan was to use all recycled materials and keep the cost as close to $0 as possible! Of course all we have to work with is the circular saw and regular tools like hammer, nails and screws.

So we used recycled wood and built the floor around 4 posts to ensure that they were above the ground (added protection). Then we decided to do an A-frame style as we are so new to building on our own that roofs are definitely a challenge! This plan was to build one side solid and turn the other into a full size door in order to make cleaning easier.

We put shingles on the one side and are waiting for Lowe's to get some returns before we buy for the other side. The whole thing took about a week but that was only because we would start after I got home from work. We did buy a half piece of plywood to use for the door since we only had strips of scrap lumber. So the cost so far has been under 10$. That may increase when the shingles come in but that's worth it to keep it waterproof.