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By PBGGG · Feb 8, 2014 ·
  1. PBGGG
    Hey, guys! This page is for my rooster, Finn, who lives inside.

    Finn is a 6 month old Golden Spangled Hamburg (i'm pretty sure). Back in September, a few days after my birthday actually, my mom heard a noise coming from under our horse barn. She said it sounded like a chipmunk stuck under there. I got up and looked, and sure enough there was a little yellow fluff running around under it. We both got dressed (it was a horrible rainy day) and chased him around for 10 minutes trying to get him. My mom finally caught him and put him in a plant holder. We saw the neighbor's rooster in the yard so we tried to give Finn back to him, but the other roo walked away. We tried returning him next door, but they weren't there, and said he kept escaping. We didn't know what to do. We brought him back inside, and put him in a shoebox with hay, food, and water. We couldn't just let him go, or he would be hawk food.

    The first day was great and terrifying. None of us knew how to take care of a baby chicken, but he was being so sweet and cuddling up under our necks. My mom stayed up and held a washcloth over him so he would sleep.


    He did of course survive the night. He is alive and well now, which is awesome.



    He wears a diaper, but not recently. All three of them broke, so now he is running around the house all free.


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