first adventure with naked neck turkens!

By ksvet06 · Mar 14, 2013 · Updated Mar 14, 2013 · ·
  1. ksvet06

    I was at the local tractor supply store a couple of weeks ago and they had the naked neck plus a few other breeds out. So I brought six of them home to
    go with my buddy's chicks. Found out quick that they will defend each other and get feisty. But at the same time they are very gentle with my daughter
    and do well with my brother in law's silkies. I then decided to build them a coop. I researched on here and on google for a good coop design that was portable and big enough
    for 6 adult chickens. I decided on an A frame coop and started the build, didn't turn out to bad. But I found some improvements that I would change next time I
    build one. [​IMG]


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  1. Nike
    I love my turkens!1 have fun!

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