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By educate2inspire · Mar 9, 2013 · Updated Mar 23, 2013 · ·
  1. educate2inspire
    My husband and I have been wanting to get chickens for a number of years now, and we've finally done it! [​IMG]
    We purchased five pullet chicks:
    • 2 Australorps- Posey and Boop
    • 1 Rhode Island Red- Ginger
    • 2 Barred Rocks- Peg and Pebbles (or referred to as Coco Pebbles, not to be confused with Cocoa Pebbles)

    I really wanted some Silver Laced Wyandottes, but they were out today, it sounds like my husband is open to getting one or two of them when they come back in. We set up the brooder inside the dining room near the living room so that we are in close proximity. I've done so much reading about raising chickens over the years, but I am trying to refresh my memory of all the things I've learned! [​IMG]

    Update: 3/23/13

    We added two more chicks to our bunch on the fifteenth:

    • 1 Welsummer (hopefully...that's a long story)
    • 1 Gold Laced Wyandotte

    They are doing well with the older chicks, after only keeping them separate for about a day. In fact the Welsummer had been downright fearless in going "beak to beak" with our Rhode Island Red when she'd attempted to school the younger one about who was boss!!! (Juevos was not letting Ginger's claim of superiority go unchecked, it was pretty funny to watch her stand up for herself) [​IMG]

    We just love watching and interacting with our little chicks, it's been crazy to see how quickly they grow up!! You can actually see development on a daily basis, I never knew it would be so apparent! [​IMG]

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  1. educate2inspire
    Since I posted this we moved them into a larger brooder to let them run around, and though they stir up dust they had not gotten too out of control with it before that! I should have mentioned the dining room was not in use, it just was a convenient spot to have them nearby (and easy to clean up!) There was no way I was bringing the larger brooder up the stairs or into our living area, so they're now downstairs :)
  2. Brookliner
    Judt remember that chicks are very dusty.

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