The chickens spent their first day and night in the coop. We moved them out to the coop yesterday morning and they were soo happy to have so much room to play and scratch. We took the A-frame top off of the sandbox and put that in the coop for them to perch and play on. They totally liked that idea. We also left a children's step stool in there and they seem to like going on top of and under it as well. This morning when we went to wake and check on them we found one was sleeping under the step stool like it had it's very own bedroom!! haha It was really cute. As soon as I went over to sprinkle grit on top of the new feed in the feeder they all came over and started eating and getting water just like in they did inside the brooder in the house every morning. Almost like they were saying "Mom says breakfast is served". They did very well it seems. Looking forward to how today pans out, hopefully it won't get too hot today. Just in case, last night I put two 2-liters filled with water in the freezer so they would be ready if we need them. LOVE my chickies!!!