First Eg!

By Ldensmore · Jul 11, 2015 · Updated Jul 11, 2015 · ·
  1. Ldensmore
    First off, please forgive my title. Not sure what happened there or how to change it. I got my first egg from my chickens yesterday! I was on vacation and my neighbor was feeding and watering them, she hadent been in the nesting boxes since Wednesday because the food and water is outside. When we got home there was an egg. We tossed it because we did not know how long it was sitting there. The second one was there around 11a.m this morning. :) I'm sooooo excited! And, if anyone was wanting to know, I have 6 ISA Browns and they are 17 weeks old. [​IMG]

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  1. Demetria99
    Sounds like a similar situation to me! Whenever we go on holidays, our chickens start laying eggs but when we get home, they go broody after about 3 weeks. I think its all the cuddles and warmth the chooks get!! :)
  2. Ldensmore
    Thanks. We had the second egg yesterday. Still waiting on one today. Hopefully soon!
  3. TwoCrows
    Congrats on that first eggie!!! :)
  4. City farm
    How eggciting, if your egg has only been out for 3 day's you could of had it with toast.. Or you can always save them & scramble them up & feed them back to them.. I would necpver toss egg's out..
    Durring the summer it does get hot here.. They need to earn their keep..

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