Eggs, Eggs, Eggs!
Our girls have been busy, our Barred Rock Star is laying up to 2 a day, and Carmen our EE is still cranking out large eggs almost every day!
Our Rooster! Kind of... (our first egg pictured standing in center-back)

[FONT=trebuchet ms,geneva]Bantam Cochin Egg held up to a Delaware Egg [/FONT]

First Egg!!
November 5 2009

We finally got our first egg this afternoon from Carmen, our Easter Egger!
Of course it needed a dramatic photo to commemorate the occasion!

Neither picture quite captures the color very well, but it is a very pretty pastel olive green.
Baby and grown up Carmen, the pretty 6 mo. old brown EE!
All of the girls were shown the egg in hopes of kickstarting their production as well. ;) They were all given treats in the form of cooked rice and bread!
The egg came in time for an early birthday present for Paul. It's about time they showed him some appreciation for his hard work!
We are of course very happy to finally have gotten our first egg, but also to get the most anticipated one from our wild girl. We were hoping for green or blue and she seems to be laying nice Olive Greens for us! We're also glad to see she is a layer, she has taken on the faux rooster protector role so we had our doubts about her laying.

Thanks for coming to our First Egg page! :)