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First Time Chicken Owner

By JestDempsey · Jun 9, 2015 · Updated Jun 9, 2015 · ·
  1. JestDempsey
    I purchased these Barred Plymouth Rocks (Heritage Breeds) through an Alberta, Canada retailer who partnered with the University Of Alberta Heritage Chicken Program (heritagechickens.com)

    They were fully black in colour the day I purchased them from Peavey Mart.

    I have not named these yet.

    We finally moved them out of the indoors this week and they are enjoying life in their massive chicken run!

    Above: First Day Home. 1 Day old. They are in their small plastic bin.
    Above: Upgraded from the bin after 2 days. They are now in the penthouse suite complete with mirrors and bells.
    Above: Their new massive (massive for 5 days) brooder.
    Above: Sand was added to the brooder. Instant hit.

    Above: My dog Charlos lets the two day old birds climb on him.

    Above: First case of "Pasty Butt" This little guy receives a warm bath and oil treatment. She survives.

    Above: Struttin' in style infront of a Peavey Mart cup. (Store we bought them from)
    Above: At 12 Days old, these teenagers are outgrowing their brooder and looking for escape paths.
    Above: At 30 days old these ladies were moved into their new condo outside.
    Above: Condo has a chicken run of over 20 feet long, and many perching areas.

    Above: Their new stomping grounds full of dirt, perches, sand, rocks and WORMS.

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  1. N F C
    Very nice, fun to see how much they change in a short time!

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