First time? Me too, I'm going to tell you what I've been through, Lil eggs proven resiliant!

  1. Pbsaphire6754myingoing
    Hello, it started by a LG box mailed to me. Upon opening it I realized it's an incubator! After a month trying to send it back I was unable. During this time I got curious. Mind you the most I've know about chickens is they lay eggs and I ate them. I live on a mountain but no farm. So for ha ha's I check to see if I could buy eggs close and found My Pet Chickens in next town. Well, I have an incubator get eggs! A breeze,18 days and I just filled water. Not so fast, on the 18 day just an hour after lock down my incubator blew!! I was crying but had to save my 6 babies, Right? So I made the room as hot as possible, got up to 85 degrees but I'm still short 11 degrees. So I bring in a portable heater and a 250 watt irradesant bulb and pointed them into the incubator.Im a happy mother of 6 beautiful Bantoms. I thought ok maybe to do that again I will make no mistakes and run an incubeter and put it through hell before I do it again. This is important to add to my story. I collected approximately 6 incubators for last batch and companies didn't want then back they were all disfuntional. I tried again low key and again at lock down my incubator blew. I'm beside myself, I set up single mantent in house with wet towel, bunch of thermostats, portal heater, 250 watt bulb and a thin cover for eggs. I got that baby to 100.00 moist temp but needed to hurry due to the melting of the tent and trying to block each bunch up mented part. Miraculously my babies hatched within an hour! I thought, I have the wort luck maybe this is not for me give up. I couldn't I'm hooked, I started doing this March 9! Also, during these times I had to move my eggs from day two and up to different incubators non stop. I made sure temp was around same as other and placed them in a tray with a towel and covered them from draft, didn't loose any from that. Back to being hooked I had no idea it could get so much worse, so my next order comprised of 30 eggs my most being 12. I get them and my box literally had half the bottom ripped out! I knew they went through hell, therefore I was upset I felt it would affect my amount. I actually got them Thursday and didn't incubat them until Saturday. I put them into ahova-bata. Two hours later temp flew over 102.00. I left it open to get the broken ones I had. I placed them all on dining table and I stood there for 16 hours straight moving the eggs to whichever incubator had a correct temp even for 15 minutes. Meantime, I ordered 10 incubators while waiting my options ran out....sooo I got two 250 light bulbs and pointed one-on-one eachside for 22 eggs and did that for 6 hours, though I had a temp of 100 but then realized the temp was only 97 for 4-6 hours I thought they are all dead for sure! BUT NO THEY WEREN'T!!!!! The others seem to be ok in the Mini Brinsea (lost 3 dead eggs) mind you it's only Wednesday from Saturday. I'm having a nervous breakdown. I have 5 Bantoms in one coup, 5 6 week old Bantoms in another master bedroom, and 5 Fun and funkiest in another master, my phone rings and I have chics to pick up! I lost it, I have to leave this house and care for my other animals and SLEEP! I received 5 Silkies, did what was needed and went back to eggs. I candled the deffinates and put the others in the unstable Hova Bator, after receiving all those incubators can you believe they were all disfuntional! Unbelievable, I candled the eggs aggressive and closely and I'm pretty sure I have 14, until I was shaking so badly from not sleeping in over 48 hrs and drop a positive one. It can't get worse can it? I order 10 more incubators and I've squeezed 10 in the hold Brinsea Now I must move two babies that are bouncing into 3 different disfuntional incubators about five times a day. Also, the other half order of incubators hall not working. I took a break and called My Pet Chicken to resolve some issues and I find out I'm getting 6 Laced Spangled Hamburgs tomorrow!!!!!! They made an error all my livestock was pushed to June supposedly. What did I ask....could things get worse..answer... ABSOLUTELY. THIS IS WHAT I HAVE TO SAY UP UNTIL TODAY. SO OUR EGGS ARE MORE RESILIANT THAN WE MIGHT BELIEVE BUT I WOULDN'T TEST IF IF YOU DONT HAVE TOO. I HOPE THIS STORY SHOWS THAT WE CAN BE CREATIVE IF WE MUST AND THEY MIGHTGET THROUGH IT. ALSO I'VE USED BABY THERMOMETES, HAIR SCRUNGIES, HAIR PINS. I WILL HELP ANYONE I CAN IF YOUR A FIRST. I had a very hard time trying to get someone to help me in a situation, this is a good place but take my name so I see it. I read so much in a month but some things that are important you don't get to like mine was "saddle sack" I heard it was as bad or could be but didn't have anyone to tell me the issue with it. The rest of you let me know if you want to know how things make out with my high end rarebreeds and let's pray the two floaters I have don't die by my hands, let me know if my life her was interesting and it's two weeks before the babies will be here! Hope to hear from you chics and roosters. Also, I have beautiful Bantom roosters and chics to move if your in the Wilbram MA area. By all.

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  1. Little Jerry Seinfeld
    Oh my! Why did you have so much trouble with those incubators? That surw makes me very glad I decided to make my own, when something goes wrong I know what it is! I hope all your little hatchling do good for you.

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