First very small coop

  1. maryluker
    So it says i don't have permission to put a picture. So i'm supposed to just talk about it??
    I used scraps and put what I needed together until I could get a larger coop ready. I would like to enter that coop and plans in the coop contest. Just don't think it will ever happen. I wish I could make myself give up. I have worked on this for days.

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  1. Chickens-2016
    Hi, its the insert image one the left side first icon. I thought I could not add pictures at first also, but I used this icon and it worked. I would not use the paper clip icon this will not allow you to include pictures. Hope this helps. Deb
  2. lovechicks1293
    contact Nifty-Chicken
    if you are having troubles, he is a moderator
  3. maryluker
    How could there be comments. I can't add a picture.

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