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By firestrike09 · Jul 10, 2012 · Updated Jul 20, 2012 · ·
  1. firestrike09
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    Well, Five Hens Farm got a rooster. And is now preparing to seperate some hens of the flock and a rooster to breed,
    This is how we built our "chicken tractor" a portable coop on wheels.

    This is an 8' by 4' by 4.Giving 32sq feet of fresh grass daily.
    Above is a picture of the leg placement. There will be wheel attached to the top corners of each 2' X4'

    We then attached arms. Note this is what you will be hauling it around with. The longer the arms the more leverage. Making it easier to handle. You can also see where the "coop" will be inside the A. Frame in the left. This is 18 inches off the ground. The coop will give them shade and shelter from wind. So protection from the cold in winter, and heat in the summer. As they can go under the coop to get shade and still have a breeze.

    The Flooring for the coop is hardware cloth ( 1/2 inch) Then the roost will be a few inches off of the wire. ( Your suppose to have a foost at least 15 inches off the ground. However being they already 18 inches off the ground. Then they only need to be of the wire an inch. ) The wire allows wood shavings to stay on the floor untill time to clean. Where with a spray of a hose they then fall thru the wire along with any chicken poop.
    Getting the walls up and door.


    Getting a paint job

    Well next is the roofing, the wire and roost and then its all done!


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