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Fivelittlechickss Member Page

  1. fivelittlechicks
    Welcome to FiveLittleChicks Homepage!
    First I was a wife, then Mom to 3 who all love animals. Over 11 years we have had 4 cats, 1 dog (Maxxie-Doodle, Cocker Spaniel), 3 hamsters, many fish I cannot keep alive, and now 1 Australorp Rooster(Rocky), 4 hens. Of course, all named, supposedly their breeds are: Barred Rock,but all white(Moonlight), RIR (Rosey), Giant Black (Sparkles), and one unknown (kieko) she's small, black with brown spots.
    Feel free to let me know of any breed corrections since we are new to chicken ownership and just wingin it!!


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