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We're outlaw chicken adventurers in Denver.
Here's a few snaps of our girls. They are about 20 weeks old and we're hoping for some eggs soon! This is our first time raising chickens, and we're really enjoying the whole process--except when we had to give away 2 of our girls because they were really boys! We really miss Dot, our beautiful and huge Blue Lace Red Wyandotte, who turned out to be male, and our dimuitive Red Frizzle male, Lil' Big Red. They have both gone to different 'real' farms where they can crow as loud as they want without waking up our urban neighborhood.

Dusty ( cuckoo maran )
Porkchop (cuckoo maran )

SweetiePie ( Red Frizzle )
Cheddar ( Blue Lace Red Wyandotte)
We'll miss you, Dot !!
We'll miss you, too Lil Big Red !
The Maison d' backyard