I have:
two Buff Orpingtons,
one White Crested black Polish hen,
five Rhode Island Reds,
two Barred Rocks
one Blue Rock
one Buff Silkie
and one Blue Silkie

and none of these slackers are laying any eggs!!

Here's a baby picture of a couple of the freeloaders....

UPDATE: The Buff Orp has started laying and doing a great job! Four eggs in six days so far. And the polish laid her first one today. Hooray!

Another update..Blue rock is laying. Had my first 3 egg day Feb 28th! An egg from each adult hen! WOOT!

Sadly, Doobie, the White Crested Black Polish roo suddenly and inexplicably died on Feb 27, 2009. I found him dead inside the coop door, no apparent cause of death. He was a gentle roo and now Doo, his mate, is a bit lost without her man.


Update Feb 6, 2010....

Alot has transpired in a year. I am now up to 21 hens and 2 roos. Doo was stolen by a hawk shortly after Doobie kicked the bucket.
We received two mallard chicks as a gift, raised them to adulthood only to have them taken at night by an unknown creature.
I am now in the process of hatching out more chickens to be replacements/reinforcements for the hens and will begin to keep the roos for the freezer.
I am also in the process of learning beekeeping (hey, how about a "Backyard Bees" website! Hmm....).
I started last November to distribute my egg surplus to disadvantaged folks in the area. I gave away 16 doz in Nov/Dec and expect to have 5-6 doz a week from here on. Oh, and I will eventually be adding some raw honey to the giveaway list. Ya-yes.
As God continues to see fit to bless my family, I will do my best to pass it on. Why? Because I truly believe all good things come from him. To him who much is given, much is required.
Thanks to Mike and Sparrow Ministries for giving me the idea of sharing my abundance with those who are in need.