Fixing splayed or straddled legs on chicks

  1. Chicken-lovebirdchihuahua
    What to do when your chick can't walk, its feet go out to the side, or they are bending the wrong way....

    I sadly had this happen to me once and I wish I knew this.

    First you will need to get
    A straw
    A hair tie
    And something to cut with

    Cut the straw to the length of a half an inch.
    Then get the hair tie and loop it through
    Now you should have one loop, on each side of the half inch straw.
    Then put the chicks feet in the loops.
    Your chick might wobble at first but in the long run,the chick can walk and get to its food and be a normal chicken.

    Hope you learned something from this if you didn't understand this look up images of it.

    Thank you for reading this!

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