Hello,this whole chicken business is new and exciting!!!And I do mean new.Husband bought me 8 hens for our 11th anniversary(soo romantic) on 2/25/11 .RIR , Golden Comets,sex links (?).He built a really nice coop and pen,I read everything ( BYC) I could find on laying hens and thought I had everything I needed or wanted(as far as chickens are concerned). Then he pulled a fast one on me...a trip to TSC insured I'd get a look at the newly arrived chicks and discover what I was missing! I wanted to raise my own flock by hand. I left TSC with a book on how to raise chicks!! Yesterday I invited 10 chicks into my den,5 RIR and 5 Golden Comets. I had mentioned to my husband that it would be fun to have chickens,he lived on a chicken farm when he was young, well needless to say he ran with it and I'm so glad he did!! The big girls have adjusted well in 6days,let them in tilled garden today too funny.The chicks seem to be doing really good..eatin,drinkin, and yea pooin! Thanks for all info on BYC, I'm certain I'll be checking in often as I know I still have ALOT to learn