[FONT=comic sans ms,sand]Boy this is almost as much fun as the chickens. It's like coloring with a big box of new crayons. [/FONT]
I have lost the whole flock of chickens to predators three times but I keep trying. This time I have frizzles, silkies, splash cochins, and a couple mixed up hens.
I figure as long as I have chickens I won't have to deal with empty nest syndrome. Of course, I am blessed to have my daughter and son-in-law as my neighbors. We live on the same farm, with them on one side and us on the other. Works good that way, the animals are between us.
On the farm we have Arabian horses and "mutt" horses, (all 14 are loved just the same), 2 cows, 5 goats, 7ducks, dogs, cats, and of course the chickens. Thank God there are not as many of the other animals as there are chickens. There are 100+ chickens all together. I only have 10 in my chicken house. That's enough to keep us in eggs.
I'm mom to Jamie (who's carrying my first grandperson) and her hubby Adam (the best son-in-law in the world),and Justin (my favorite mullethead.) I'm motherhen to Junior and Flossie Johnson(black and white cochins), Olga and Helga(Black silkie x hens)Zsazsa and Prissy (white frizzles), Elvira(black frizzle), Judy(blue frizzle), Billybob (black sizzle roo),Bam(white silkiex roo). All of them are bantams. LargeMarge (Delaware/wyandotte mutt) isn't bantam so she really looks big.