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We are Doc, Renia & Montana J. a.k.a. Fletcher Poultry Auction. We are actually located on our 5 acre farm just west of Fletcher in the town of Cyril. We have always love our animals including our chickens. We have a handful of Boer goats, Chickens, Pheasants, Quail, Ducks, a horse, and of course our 3 dogs, a Rat Terrier, and 2 Collie/Austraiian mix. We are originally from the Southeastern Side of Oklahoma. We have now learned to call this home, since this is where we have decided to stay once my Husband, Doc, Retires.
After being here for a while, we finally found an auction to attend. Thanks to a few friendly people. We started out going to Blanchard sale and Cement Sale. After becoming aquainted with a few people, and getting numerous request from the large, we decided to start an auction in Fletcher. We wanted people to have more options to find what they may be looking for, or to find a place to swap. We are here for the people, not ourselves. We have had a pretty good start. Yes, like all auctions, we could always use more consignors, buyers, or just people there for a goodtime, and to visit. We welcome all to the Fletcher Poultry Auction. We have other Auction owners that come and buy from this sale as well. Sellers get good prices, and so do the buyers. We have people all over the state of Oklahoma that attend our auction, we also have a few out of state registered bidders and consignors as well. We want to thank everyone that makes our auction a success! THANK YOU!!!